Income Restrictions

Creekside Properties is a Low-Income-Housing-Tax-Credit (LIHTC) property.  53 of our 60 apartments are LIHTC (income-restricted) units;  the other 7 are just like any other Fair-Market apartment.  In order to get into 1 of the 53, an official application must be submitted, your background approved, and all your financial information verified by third parties (employers, banks, asset holders, unemployment, etc.) before a contract is created and signed.

There are 1-, 2-, & 3-bedroom apartments on the property.  Each apartment already has a fixed* rent amount assigned to that apartment.  To qualify for a particular income-restricted apartment, you must have a total household (annual gross) income under a particular limit, which depends upon the household size (the number of people expected to live in that unit).

If you do sign a lease with us, then the monies due at the time of signing would simply be a pro-rated rent (for however many days left in the month) plus the security deposit:
 - $400 for a 1-bedroom unit,
 - $450 for a 2-br, or
 - $500 for a 3-br.

* at least until the spring of each year when Idaho Housing and Finance Association updates the LIHTC numbers (maximum rent amounts and income limits).